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Members of U3A are all welcome to join the activities of  the groups.  Contact details of leaders are given in the Programme of Events.

The book group meets once a month, usually Thursday afternoon 2pm - 4 pm.  We take it in turns to meet in each other's homes.

Members each bring notes and opinions about the chosen book and these form the basis for informal discussion. We each award marks out of ten for the categories of style, storyline, characterisation, readability, literary merit, thought provoking; enjoyment and desire to read more by the same author are also important. We source our books from libraries and web sites offering secondhand bargains.

The Literary Group met on 18 July to discuss Headlong by Michael Frayn. This novel was shortlisted for the 1999 Booker prize. Martin and his wife Kate have a second home in the country. They are invited to dinner with Tony,  a neighbouring landowner, who has inherited several paintings. Tony wants their opinion about valuation. Martin gets a glimpse of what he thinks is a lost painting by Bruegel, a Dutch painter of the 16th Century.  He thinks he could make his name in the art world by the discovery, and also make a fortune by getting ownership of the painting by a devious scheme. Martin is dishonest both with Kate and himself. It ends with damage to their relationship and the painting being destroyed by fire.

The Group agreed that the novel informs the reader about the cruelty inflicted on the Dutch people by the Spanish Inquisition, as well as the depth and novelty of Bruegel’s contemporary paintings. But there were differing opinions about the novel itself. Some found it boring and were infuriated by Martin’s duplicity and stupidity. Ohers saw it as an amusing story, not to be taken too seriously, about some odd characters and an even odder plot.

Next Meeting:
Thursday 18 August at 2pm at Sally’s house.
Book for discussion: The Glass Blowers by Daphne du Maurier  

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